Dangerous Building Materials – level 1

In 2017, a building in London is on fire. It is a high building where people live. Its name is Grenfell Tower. The fire is very big. Seventy-two people die.

Survivors are filing lawsuit against three companies. The lawsuit says that a Whirlpool fridge starts the fire. Materials in the building then burn really fast. These materials are made by Arconic and Celotex.

Difficult words: survivor (people who live after the fire), file (put in), lawsuit (an official document which says that somebody did something illegal/wrong/bad).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

Pakistan is Islamic country

They have different religious Pakistan is Islamic country and india is Hinduism country their people are cool each other but their political relations are very bad i’m from Pakistan now my country politician want to peace with them but their political leaders wants not continue this battle mean they don’t peace

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Trouble in Kashmir – level 1

Kashmir is a region in Asia. Three different countries control it. India, Pakistan and China each control a part. There were two wars in Kashmir. The wars were between India and Pakistan.

Now there is trouble in the Indian Kashmir. Indian police and rebels fight. There is a gun battle. Six people die. Many more are injured.

The battle starts protests. People throw rocks at the police. The police fight back.

Difficult words: region (a place), were (past of ‘are’), battle (a situation when people fight), rebel (a person who is against the leaders).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.